Jewelixir offers a three (3) months manufacturer’s warranty for every piece from the date of delivery.
Due to the delicate nature of our jewellery design, care must be taken when worn. Care instructions must be followed for warranty to be applicable.
Warranty covers material and craftsmanship defects. However neglect of care instructions, normal wear and tear and lost items are excluded from the scope of our warranty.
Warranty is not applicable if:
  • an item is bent
  • engraved
  • accidental damage has occured
  • an item has been exposed to a substance which includes soap, cleaning products, skin creams or perfume
Scratches are not considered as a manufacturing defect and not covered under our warranty as they occur from everyday wear. Metals which are exposed to a chemical or an acidic skin type will discolour much faster if care is not taken. Hence, discolouration is not covered under warranty.
Any warranty application will be carefully investigated case by case and it is at our discretion if a faulty product will be replaced or not.
For any further information please contact us.