Caring for Your Jewellery

We strongly recommend following a few simple tips to ensure keeping the sparkle and enjoy your JEWELIXIR jewellery for a long time.

It is also important for your warranty to be applicable!

Remove your jewellery before:

Washing Hands



Using perfumes/creams




You will receive all your jewellery in our Jewelixir boxes. We strongly recommend keeping the box and storing your jewellery in their box when not used. It will minimize their exposure to humidity and avoid scratches. A tip for necklaces and bracelets: Fasten your chains to keep them tangle free.

Extreme heat and high moisture levels may cause tarnishing. Therefore, jewellery must be kept in a dark, cool and dry place. With time and wear, all sterling silver jewellery will oxidise and become tarnished. If you are not planning to use your jewellery soon, it will be a good idea to put them in sealed plastic bags. Occasional cleaning will be helpful. Even a more fun way would be just wearing them often.

All our sterling silver jewellery is rhodium plated. Rhodium plating minimises exposure to air and humidity, slowing down the natural tarnishing process.


When you think your jewellery needs cleaning, please use a microfibre cloth. This will help maintain or bring the shine back. If necessary, you can use warm water with mild washing up liquid and a soft toothbrush. Do not apply the washing up liquid directly on jewellery, but add it to the warm water. It is very important to rinse quickly and than pat dry with a soft cloth.

We don’t recommend using dip polish or cleaning cloths treated with chemicals. Harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning agents will damage your jewellery over time. Gold Plated jewellery should not come in contact with treated cleaning cloths.

Click-lock Earrings:

Please lock/unlock them gently.

  • If too much pressure is applied or tried to be locked when not aligned, they might bend and not lock properly anymore.
  • If you feel they are not locking properly or too hard to open, you can make slight adjustments until they are working smoothly.

Adjustable Rings:

Rings are designed to be adjusted for your finger for ease of sizing. Adjusting it multiple times for different size fingers may cause sterling silver to work-harden and cause breakages.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.